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PJs Custom Spraypainting welcomes you to our site and we hope you enjoy your time here.

PJs Custom Spraypainting leads the way in TRUCK CAR and BIKE Refinishing.

- Quality Assurance

- Quick Turnaround

- Priced yo Please

These are important keys to getting you our valued client, back on the road fast. Here at PJs Custom Spraypainting we have a team of highly trained tradesmen and professional contractors waiting to meet your every need and get you back out there fast.

PJs Custom Spraypainting is commited to delivering a finish on your vehicle that is second to none. With 2 Truckin Life, RIG OF THE YEAR trucks rollin out our doors, in the last 3 years. With countless privately owned custom trucks and a score of fleet vehicles. The finish you'll get is superior to that of a new TRUCK CAR or BIKE.

We often have customers commenting on old 2nd hand trucks, that only weeks earlier. Looked like they were ready for the scrap heap. Ask us if they were new rigs.THAT IS OUR AIM..."NEW FROM OLD" "SCRAP TO BLING".

We use only the highest grades of materials in the market. PPG Automotive Refinishing systems, including the entire VIBRANCE range from PPG, we also use only top end custom finishes such as HOUSE OF KOLOR and ALSA CORP specialty finishes. using these products ensure that tha finish on your vehicle is of the highest quality available to you the customer.